CAD Plotting and Construction Printing


Bizport is a specialist in providing printing and document services for architects, engineers and contractors. From a quick copy of a few CAD drawings to a full-scale bid distribution, we can handle any job efficiently, reliably and with unmatched quality. Bizport is also SWaM certified as a small business by the Commonwealth of Virginia and federally certified as a small business by the Small Business Administration, making us a valuable partner on many government projects.

We use top-of-the-line equipment and software from industry leaders including Oce, Cannon, and ReproMAX. Combined with our experienced production staff, these tools give us the capacity to handle significant volume on short timelines.

Bizport is a member of the ReproMAX network and offers customers Online Planroom Services, a complete solution for storing, managing, and distributing project documents. Using our tools, we keep your projects up to date, secure and available at a moment’s notice via the Internet.

We are happy to work with either hard copy originals or digital files in a variety of formats. Our dedicated account representatives, customer support personnel and drivers are ready to pick up and deliver your job in Richmond, Norfolk, Virginia, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News and beyond (and we can quickly ship orders to customers outside these

Bizport’s digital bond printing, CAD plotting and construction printing services include:

  • Scanning and plotting of architectural and engineering drawings(black & white and color)
  • Bid distribution services
  • Online planroom services, keeping your projects up to date and instantly accessible
  • Scanning and archiving of construction drawings
  • Printing on bond, mylar or vellum
  • Small-format copying and printing – including specifications, calculations, and proposals, and project manuals
  • Comprehensive quality control on every job
large format printing